I assume this is where I'm supposed to impress you with an elaborate explanation of why I'm the greatest thing since Spanx®. Using pretentious vocabulary to render a distinctive portrayal of my esoteric, egocentric, and undeniable ability to apply my vast skillset across a multitude of mediums and applications while strategically glorifying the way I successfully apply and accentuate my innovative thinking and stellar processes to each and every project.

“Nope.” - Me

I'd rather not. I'd much rather express my love for the craft that has consumed the last 15 years of my life. The craft I've meticulously refined over years of professional and personal experiences. The same craft that has done significant damage to my hairline yet has added significant value to every aspect of my life.

“Yass!” - You

I've done it all. From creating "the greatest thing ever" for start-ups, who since became viable companies, to creating award-winning "We're the greatest thing ever" for Fortune 100 companies, who made another measly $300M+ as a result. I've had my hand in all aspects of design and creative direction from conception to completion. How? Because it's not just about great design but a greater impact. An impact that's inspired by the core values, the innovative strategies, and the unique identifiers of any business—all wrapped up into some damn good creative. That's what I call the secret sauce. The same sauce that the people retain, relate, and respond to... and without the people, you're beat.

“People don't buy what you do but why you do it—and what you do simply serves as the proof of what you believe.” - Simon Sinek